Young Leaders Internship Program

The Young Leaders Internship Program (YLIP) is a 6 week internship program which offers promising youngsters the opportunity to get real life exposure to projects and work environments whilst interning with, and directly reporting to, the leadership at THEV.

Applications are processed and accepted in batches of 4 young leaders at a time. 

Format for Application :

  1. Small note basis current discipline, interests, skills, extracurricular activities, awards/ recognitions/ scholarships (if any), and why you are a good fit to intern at THEV. Marks in Class X / XII / High School / Graduation don’t matter, but you are free to include this.
  2. How would you like to contribute as a team to THEV during your internship period, basis your current knowledge, skills, interest etc.

Apply along with your team of peers, by clicking on mail icon below.


Official YLIP Partners :