Partner and Client Testimonials

We have been ably represented by THEV for varied initiatives over the years; which include introductions, meetings and assistance with on boarding some of the most distinguished global leaders for our company and foundation Boards, and initiatives. I was also brought on board as a Brand Ambassador for one of the ventures from India and THEV helped us navigate a fair win-win understanding for the same. They were also helpful with the final review of my very first book just before it went to print. We highly recommend them for the value they bring to the business.
The leadership from THEV have frequently featured as Mentor to our global portfolio of entrepreneurs and startups, and Jury Member for our global initiatives. They have been instrumental in enabling our mission of building a seamless marketplace for entrepreneurial employability through their deep sector knowledge and in depth analysis of the market trends. Multiple entrepreneurs in our network have credited their growth to inputs and support received from THEV.
We had a close association with the leadership at THEV during my tenure as Chairman of the Old Columbans Trust (OCT), the official Trust of St. Columba's School which is amongst the leading and most reputed educational institutions in India. The leadership at THEV was sincere, hard working and very passionate about the role that they were entrusted with. We wish THEV good luck and continued success in the years ahead.
Having leadership from THEV towards mentorship for our Entrepreneur-in-Residence program has always been a great opportunity for our cohort to learn from their experience and expertise in consulting across fields. We have always received exceptional feedback from our budding entrepreneurs about their mentoring. They are truly knowledgeable and have a great way with words which always ensures their learnings pass on to our students in a very meticulous manner. We appreciate THEV for always being so willing to participate with us towards mentoring the ventures and hope to continue this partnership in times to come.
It's rare that entrepreneurs are brand ambassadors for high fashion brands. I got the rare privilege of joining a group of elite entrepreneurs to represent one such brand, build my own network and support the vision of great start ups. This novel idea was created and held together by the dynamic effort and big vision of the leadership at THEV. The senior industry leaders and peers I met, the work I got to do and the belief I cultivated in my own entrepreneurial endeavors was further emboldened by them, and I am grateful and inspired by all that THEV does.