Welcome to THEV.

If you are an organization with product-market fit trying to achieve business growth and greater scale, you have reached the right place.

About Us

THEV was established in New Delhi, India in January, 2011.

Over the last decades, we have assisted organizations with product-market fit to bridge the gap from where-they-are to where-they-want-to-be, in the fastest time possible whilst optimizing the resources available.

There are early-stage firms with less than $ 1 Mn Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) who benefit from the value add that we bring to the table, as are established businesses with ARRs of more than $ 200 Mn.

THEV has created value for entrepreneurs and business leaders, with backgrounds that include Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Cambridge, ISB, World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders (WEF YGLs), Fortune 500 CEOs, IIMs, IITs, RECs, non-profit founders, and top-level management.

With decades of experience in leading organizations through their Marketing, Branding, Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, and CSR efforts, THEV has helped its clients overcome some of their biggest business challenges, surmount growth plateaus, improve efficiency, build innovation capability, and achieve thought leadership.

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We have gone fully remote, and can be reached via communications on mail, and messages on twitter and instagram.